Bioengineering – one of the most advanced areas of science, which arose at the intersection of physical and chemical biology, biophysics, genetic engineering and computer technology. Bioengineering tasks include the creation of genetically modified organisms, the production of recombinant proteins that perform specified functions, and study of their biochemical and biophysical properties.

Department of Bioengineering of Biological Faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University exists since 2001. Head of the Department is M.P.Kirpichnikov. The main scientific directions of the department are:

  • Isolation of recombinant proteins and study of their properties
  • Molecular modeling of biological and nano systems
  • Modern high-resolution microscopy (electronic, atomic force, optical)
  • Preparation of biopolymers and the study of their properties
  • Development of materials for transplantation
  • The study of the impact of nanoparticles on living organisms